Message from the Governor

Huíla presents natural features as well as potential that, if properly stimulated, can contribute to the socio-economic development of the province and the country.

With a total area of 79.023 km2 and, according to preliminary data of the Census/2014, has a resident population of 2.354.398 inhabitants, mostly rural (1.573.018 inhabitants) and a middle class made of healthcare and education related jobs, Huíla should continue to focus its efforts on the development of the economic sectors that benefit from primordial conditions, particularly the agriculture and cattle breeding, touristic rural and mineral, with the consequent encouragement of agro-industry and the mining industry..

In this regard, the Provincial Development Plan 2013-2017 aims to consolidate, develop and diversify the economic base of the province, enhancing productive capacity in agriculture, livestock, industrial and tourist.

The identification of a large area of soil, lakes, lagoons, lagoons and reservoirs potentially fertile with abilities for agricultural development, cattle, aquaculture, apiculture, forest, and the presence of a suitable microclimate for growing temperate species, benefit projects related to the primary and secondary sector, including agro-industry, therefore it is a priority is to create conditions for attracting investors, to develop and diversify Huila’s business .

The agricultural sector presents itself as the most attractive investment, for it’s high profitability but mainly for the potential consumer market of over 100 million inhabitants between Angola, , Zambia and The Democratic Republic of Congo, already the main terrestrial, destination of the Angolan agricultural production exports, In a near future, trough these frontiers our products will arrive in all of Central Africa and other regions.

The boost of young entrepreneurship is also an objective, with special emphasis in the stimulus of partnerships with Young Entrepreneurs and Women Entrepreneurs.

The youth and the Angolan woman, Huíla’s and Angola’s highest population, as a base for the growth of the country, should be the socioeconomic development pillars for the Province of Huíla and will be in INVEST Huíla particularly featured.

Knowing there will be good and inclusive business for all, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Forum Invest Huíla.

Dr. João Marcelino Tyipinge


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