About INVEST Huíla

INVEST Huíla is an ad hoc unity of the Provincial Government of Huíla inserted in the Studies, Planning and Statistics Office, in charge of the promotion, attraction and advertising of the economic and social potential of the Province, aiming to mobilize public and private investment..

The Provincial Government of Huíla and it’s partners intend to organize the annual event called INVEST HUÍLA | Forum of Business and Investment Opportunities. Huíla presents itself as the second province, in order of importance, in business development in Angola, being a propitious context to the holding of a forum to attract public and private investors, public and private investors. In this sense, it is intended to demystify doubts about private investment, presenting incentives and financing possibilities, but also to provide concrete and diversified projects. As partners in the forum organization, the Government relies on the active participation of local business associations and teaching institutions ( Cooperative of Cattle Breeders; AAPCIL; Young Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Universities, etc ).

Business Areas

The Forum of Business and Investment Opportunities INVEST HUÍLA will present and offer projects in the different business areas, as anchor projects, to leverage funding form national and international investors.
INVEST HUÍLA Forum’s main target is to attract investors / entrepreneurs that might be interested in the potential of the Province of Huíla as well as available for analyzing investments in various economic areas.

Strategic Sectors

As the prominent strategic sectors to address are the agricultural, industrial, mining, energy, tourism and private investment in the training of the human resources, particularly in the area of higher education, professional technical and vocational.

Markets and target audience

The main goal of INVEST Huíla is to attract investors for the development of key sectors in the Huíla Province.
Therefore, the participation of entrepreneurs of great relief and high investment capacity as well as Know-how is expected.
It’s expected a participation of national and international investors with leading business activities in different economic sectors, plus some guests and international figures.

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